How It Works

The Indiana Health Fund is working to help eliminate medical debt, which will also improve access to care.

We use our industry knowledge and experience to negotiate and pay off debt with health care institutions and providers on behalf of patients who qualify, with no strings attached.

The Fund serves patients through three distinct processes:

Debt Relief – Bulk Purchase

The partner hospital identifies appropriate patient debtors who align with the Indiana Health Fund's qualifications.

  1. The debt package includes 10-20 people.
  2. Debt is paid off by the Indiana Health Fund at a negotiated, discounted rate.
  3. Patients are notified of the debt relief and are then referred to Financial Planning Resources.

Debt Relief – Individual Relief

Individual patients contact the Indiana Health Fund directly or are referred by a third-party organization or partner.

  1. The patient's application is reviewed, and a credit report is obtained.
  2. The application is approved or denied based on the patient's qualification alignment with the Indiana Health Fund's criteria and mission.
  3. If approved, the debtor is contacted and negotiated by an Indiana Health Fund employee for payment of the medical bill(s).
  4. Patients are notified of the debt relief and are then referred to Financial Planning Resources.

Financial Planning Resources

Once the debt is relieved, the Indiana Health Fund provides access to financial planning information, resources and counseling to the patient in debt through a third-party business partner.

Who We Help

Medical debt problems can strike anyone — the problem cuts across age groups and educational levels. Even people who would be considered financially responsible can be affected by medical debt.

The Indiana Health Fund aims to serve:

  • Individuals and families who make two to four times the federal poverty level, or about $50,000 for a family of four.
  • Individuals and families who have health insurance coverage with a “high deductible” plan.
  • Individuals or families who face financial hardship and owe debt that is more than 5% of their annual income.
  • Individuals or families who are facing possible bankruptcy and have debts greater than their assets.

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